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Your Hope-Filled Perspective with Dr. Michelle Bengtson podcast

Apr 25, 2024

Episode Summary:

Nobody is immune to depression. Even a seasoned neuropsychologist treating patients with a wide range of medical health issues can fall prey to depression. Join me as we shatter myths and offer powerful insights to help defeat depression by addressing the spiritual roots of disease. #replay


Apr 18, 2024

Episode Summary:

We all want to help. When we hear someone whose been given a devastating diagnosis, we want to try to help make things better. Or, at least make things less bad. But, sometimes, inadvertently, we can say and do things that cause more harm than good. Through my history with cancer and my husband's...

Apr 11, 2024

Episode Summary:

In a world bent on touting certain diets and restrictive eating, our guest, Amy Connell, desires we learn about our core strength. After releasing her book Your Worthy Body, written for women over 40, she had moms approach her saying “I need something like this for my daughters!” 

Her hope is to be...

Apr 4, 2024

Episode Summary:

Some pro-life advocates mistakenly assume that once a pregnant woman has chosen life for her baby, the battle has been won. However, the truth is that for mothers living in poverty, especially generational poverty, the battle has only begun. These women lack resources, support, finances, and hope. While...