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Your Hope-Filled Perspective with Dr. Michelle Bengtson podcast

Nov 4, 2021

Episode Summary:

Every year the holidays bring stress, chaos, and disorganization when one considers all the additional to-do’s added to our already over-crowded days and schedules. Today we’re going to be talking about how to get organized and simplify your holidays with holiday pro, Marcia Ramsland.


Quotables from the episode:

  • Getting organized is something that can be learned and will save you time, give you focus, and mental clarity.
  • It’s always too early to start preparing until it’s too late to begin! So start your holiday preparations now.
  • Part of what makes our holidays stressful is the fact that we already fill our days 24x7, then have to add more to our schedules for the holidays
  • Simplifying our holidays and our lives starts with decreasing our expectations
  • The problem with the poverty in the world is not God’s provision but our distribution. 

Scripture References:

  • Proverbs 13:4 “The sluggish crave and have nothing,
    but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.”
  • Proverbs 14:1 “A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.”
  • Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”


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Marcia Ramsland is well known as The Leading Online Organizing Coach, a Business Productivity Expert, and author of the Simplify Your Life: Get Organized and Stay that Way book series, which has sold over 100,000 copies. Marcia is a nationally recognized media guest appearing in Woman’s Day and Real Simple magazines, the Wall Street Journal, and Martha Stewart radio. Marcia believes anyone can become more organized – even you – with the Motivation, Momentum, and Mastery which she provides in her Online Courses and Fast Track Coaching!

Hosted By: Dr. Michelle Bengtson

Audio Technical Support: Bryce Bengtson