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Your Hope-Filled Perspective with Dr. Michelle Bengtson podcast

Dec 30, 2021

Episode Summary:

In this episode, we’re talking about the power of forgiveness in health and healing. Our guest is Wendie Pett, who is passionate about motivating people to make fitness and good nutrition part of their daily routine. Her goal is to help others get healthy and healed so they can fulfill their God-given...

Dec 23, 2021

Episode Summary:

I don't know about you, but at times my prayer life gets a bit stale. Sometimes, I need to do something to elevate it a little bit and bring new life into my prayers. In this episode, I talk with Janet McHenry about her book, The Complete Guide to The Prayers of Jesus. Janet shares how when she began to...

Dec 16, 2021

Episode Summary:

We all want a peaceful Christmas, but, “life gets busy.” Sometimes we’re forced to slow down, and guess what? We discover we actually CAN let go of some of the tasks and duties that not only weigh us down, but also steal our peace.

Last week, on episode 139 How To Let Go of the Anxiety...

Dec 9, 2021

Episode Summary:

What if I told you that you really can let go of the anxiety and overwhelm of the holiday season with some simple ways to create more peace? It’s true. My husband, Scott, and I have been there and we’re sharing some simple changes that will help you celebrate Christmas from a peaceful place.


Dec 2, 2021

Episode Summary:

Danna Demetre and I talk about seeing our health and body from God’s perspective. God wants us to be healthy so we can live out His purpose for our lives. How do we change our mindset so that we can look at our physical body and health and wellbeing as God does?

Quotables from the episode:

  • We...